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At Global Docs we believe that trust, accountability, and reliability set the foundation for an efficient and seamless authentication and legalization process, helping clients achieve their goals in an effortless manner.

We work with you to determine your specific needs and requirements before diving into the process. We carefully manage your documents through the necessary steps, run them to the relevant legal entities, and finally deliver them to your doorstep – all within a timely fashion, leaving you worry free.


Document Legalization

The process through which a document is validated by an entity for use in a specific country.


This encompasses a wide variety of government issued, non-government issued, or personal documents.

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Commercial Shipping

These are documents that accompany the shipment of goods overseas.

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These are any and all academically related documents including those authorizing academic records.

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USDA Certificate Reissue

The USDA certificate may be reissued (officially referred to as “in-lieu of” ) in situations such as:

  • The original certificate had incorrect or missing required information
  • The name of exporter or consignee has changed
  • The original needs to be split or consolidated
  • The original has been lost

We have an established relationship with the USDA Atlanta District Office along with a dedicated staff on site. This allows us complete confidentiality to reissue your official USDA  document accurately  and timely- normally in the same day.

Apostille Authentication

An apostille is a common international certification that legalizes your document for use in countries that have signed The Hague Convention. An apostille is similar to a notarization in domestic law. Documents include court documents, notarial acts, administrative documents, and official certificates. See the list below for eligible countries.

At Global Docs, we are a team of industry experts with roots in the field of freight forwarding, logistics, and international trade.

That means we know full well the impact that delays can have on the legalization of paperwork. We’ve experienced the pitfalls of working with organizations that didn’t meet our needs, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a documentation house that blends expertise with reliability, and a little bit of human touch.

When it comes to dealing with critical and time sensitive documents you want a partner you can trust, one that is available when you need them, and most importantly one that holds themselves accountable. Here at Global Docs, we are that partner.


You may choose to either provide us with a return envelope using your preferred method of shipping, such as FedEx or UPS, or we can provide this for you as a service.

“Legalization” refers to the process in which a document is validated by an entity for use in that country. Some countries may require certain documents to be Authenticated or Apostilled before being legalized. These documents are then legalized by a country’s Consulate General. “Apostille” refers to a process in which countries who are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention no longer require the full legalization of documents by their Consulate General. “Authentication” refers to the process of having your document stamped and signed at the Office of Authentications in Washington DC, or at the appropriate local government body.

In many cases a Certified True Copy of a document can go through the authentication and legalization process. However, there are some diplomatic missions that will only accept original documents. Because this can also be case specific, it is best to verify with the recipient of your document and with the diplomatic mission to ensure your document is in the correct format.

The legalization process varies greatly depending on document type and country, and do not wish to burden you with the overwhelming details. However, if you would like to learn more about the process for your specific request, we’re more than happy to go through that process in greater detail with you over the phone or via email.

Fees vary depending on your particular needs. We will prepare a detailed quote for you that itemizes the specific costs associated with your specific authentication and legalization needs. These costs may include consular fees, our service fees, and any shipping costs.



Our team is a cohesive and collaborative group of industry experts and couriers. We are well-versed in the authentication and legalization process and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience.

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